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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Scars & Sins [Brooklyn Brothers 02] by Melanie Munton!


   After exiting the confessional booth, I once again avoided going out to the cemetery where Mamà and Filip were buried. I knew I would fall into an emotional sinkhole if I saw their graves and re-visited that particular heartbreak.
   Unable to face the ghosts of my past, I kept walking.
   Today was my day off and Ace said he had a long day of work at The Met. So, I figured I would go back to his place, get some reading done, maybe binge-watch a little bit of—
   Someone yanked on my arm and jerked me to the side just before I reached the church’s front doors.
   “What the—”
   “Shh, baby.”
   I sighed. “You’ve got to stop doing that.”
   I swear, it was like he knew whenever I needed him and would magically appear at the right moment. Although by the look on his face, I’d say he was the one who needed me this time.
   “What’s wrong?”
   His lips met mine in a deep, hard kiss.
   “Nothing,” he breathed. “I just want you.”
   My eyes darted in every direction. “Here? Right now? Ace, this is a church.”
   His hands slid down below my waist and cupped my ass.
   “Is anyone here?” he mumbled, his face buried in my neck.
   “Just the priest, I think, but we still can’t—”
   “Yes, we can.”
   Refusing to leave room for argument, he led me across the tiled floors of the lobby and opened the door in the far corner—a coat closet. He pulled me inside, deaf to my protests, and shut the door behind us.
   It was pitch black.
   “Where the hell is the light in here?” he grumbled.
   I heard his hand fumbling against the wall, looking for a switch that wasn’t there. He sounded so frustrated, it was hard to contain my giggles. Then he pulled on the cord hanging from the ceiling that was presumably hooked to the only lightbulb.
   Nothing happened.
   The bulb was out.
   That’s when I really lost the battle with my laughter.
   “I’m glad you think this is so funny,” he growled. “Let’s see if you’re still laughing when I do this.”
   He shoved both my shirt and bra up with lightning fast speed. When his mouth latched onto my nipple and sucked, I lost another battle—this time with my resistance.

We are the Rossetti’s.
The exiled “sixth” family of the New York mafia. We’re the good guys.
People don’t fear us…much. They respect us.
The five of us? We’re the Brooklyn Brothers.
And we protect what’s ours.

You know when you have a little sister and she has that one friend that always follows you around like a puppy? For me, that was Roxanna “Roxy” D’Angelo. That was years ago, back when our fathers didn’t hate each other. Then they became enemies and she went off to boarding school in Connecticut.

Now, she’s back…and looking nothing like the shy girl I remember.

Cavorting with anyone from the five families is strictly forbidden to someone like me. So, I can’t figure out why I keep finding myself in situations with Roxy that could bring the force of the entire mafia syndicate down on our heads. Even if those situations are the wildest, most intoxicating experiences of my life.

But with the Sicilians in town and out for blood, times have never been more dangerous. If they find out about our relationship, they won’t hesitate to remove both of us from the equation so they can restore order.

We’re not Romeo and Juliet. They both died. And I refuse to let anything happen to Roxy. I have to protect her. From my family. From hers.

I hope she won’t hate me for what I have to do.
Because it might just kill her before any bullet can.

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Author bio:

Traveler. Reader. Beach-goer. St. Louis Cardinals fan. Pasta-obsessed. North Carolina resident. Sarcastic. Bit of a nerd.

Author of the Cruz Brothers, Possession and Politics, and Timid Souls series, Melanie loves all things romance, comedies and suspense in particular because it’s boring to only stick to one sub-genre! From light-hearted comedies to sexy thrillers, she likes to mix it up, but loves her some strong alpha males and sassy heroines.

Go visit Melanie’s website and sign up for her newsletter to stay updated on release dates, teasers, and other details for all of her projects! 



Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Pants on Fire by Lacey Black!


Success is what you make of it. That’s my motto and the premise of my speech; the one I’m heading back to Southern Illinois University to give at my college alumni reunion. As the morning co-host of Good Morning, San Francisco, I was asked to be one of the keynote speakers, and while I’m honored to do so, there’s only one problem. The other speaker is Danny Ohara, my former boyfriend. Throw in an issue with my credit card that leaves me stuck at the airport, no rental car in sight, until a familiar face appears like a guardian angel in sexy black glasses.

Here’s my dilemma with my attraction to Rueben Rigsby, my airport savior and old friend from college: I’m not supposed to be attracted to him. At all. He’s my ex’s former roommate. Yet that doesn’t stop my big mouth from lying about the status of our relationship when we come face-to-face with said former roommate. As in, we have one.



I don’t know why I agreed to come back to SIU for the alumni reunion, but I’m damn sure glad I did. When I found the familiar face stranded at the airport, I readily agreed to give her a ride. It’s great to catch up with Cricket Hill, as we make our way back to the place we ultimately met. What I’m not prepared for is this overwhelming attraction I feel for her. I’m not supposed to notice how amazing her butt looks in a pair of black yoga pants. She’s a friend. Period.

But Cricket has other plans. When she lies about our budding relationship to my former roommate and her ex, I have no choice but to go along with it to save face. I have to pretend to be her boyfriend. I mean, it’s one little white lie, right?


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Author bio:

Lacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading and writing. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves shooting guns and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.


Monday, 6 April 2020

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dagger [Vegas MMA 01] by S.L Sterling!

Publication date: 27th March 2020
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4 stars
Synopsis: Derrick

I'd been fighting all my life.

Making it my career choice seemed...logical.

Sticking to what I was good at seemed...illogical as often as I ended up in the ER.

Then my occupational hazard began to feel like more of a perk when I met, Katy. She was a night nurse at the ER I frequented. She could barely hide her contempt for me, which naturally made the curvy brunette with long wavy hair all the more irresistible.

𝙉𝙤𝙬 𝙄 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙣𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙖 𝙗𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙖 𝙛𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙚𝙧.


They called him Dagger, for the looks he gave.

He knew I hated him on sight, but still, he teased me and tried to sway me.

There's no way it would work. I was on the run and still healing from a relationship with a 'roid-raging powerlifter. No way was I going to give it a go with someone trained to cause pain for a living.

Then my ex tracked me down. And suddenly, having a fighter in my corner didn't seem like such a bad idea.

I have to be honest and say that this is the first book that I’ve read from this author! I know her name and I have a book of hers on my Kindle, but the synopsis of this book sounded interesting and my kind of read, so I decided to review it for the Blog Tour! I received my ARC and can say that I read this book in one sitting! The plot developed at a nice pace and it kept me wanting to read on and find out what was going to happen next! There was some romance in the plot and I loved the way it developed and the pace it developed at! The romance allowed for a few seriously hot scenes as well, which I loved! There was a bit of suspense in the plot as well! I wish that more had been done with the suspense though because it was over quite quickly and it didn’t play as big a part of the plot as I was expecting! I enjoyed it though and it added to the plot! The characters were also amazing and made this book even better! Katy was the main female character, and I felt for her in this book because she had been through a lot and she didn’t have anyone that she could turn to! Katy came a long way in this book and she kept pushing on, even though she was scared! She also worked hard and had a very hard but rewarding job! I loved the way she was with her love interest as well and she trusted him to help her! Derrick “Dagger” was the main male character and love interest of Katy! I respected Dagger a lot in this book because he worked so hard for his dreams and he He also had a rough childhood, but he didn’t let the hold him back and he used what he had been through to want more for himself! I loved the way Dagger was with Katy as well! He was very protective of her and was there to keep her safe! It was easy to see his feelings for her develop as well! I loved that this book was written from both Katy and Dagger point of views! I was hoping that it was going to be before I started reading, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be, even after I read the synopsis! I’m really happy that it was because it helped me connect more with Katy and Dagger more and see how they were both feeling! It allowed for a lot more things to happen in the plot as well, which helped as both characters spent time apart and they were going through their own situations! I now can’t wait to read the next book in this series! I’m not sure if it’s going to continue Katy and Dagger’s story because the ending wasn’t exactly fully resolved or if it’s going to be a complete standalone! I’m excited to find out though! I know that the next book doesn’t release until next year, so I have quite a while to wait! The cover for this book is also absolutely perfect for it! I loved it as soon as I saw it and it really suits the book! It would draw me to the book and the cover model is also the perfect Dagger! Big thank you to S.L. Sterling and Enticing Journey Book Promotions for an ARC of Dagger and for having me on the Blog Tour!

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

S.L. Sterling was born and raised in southern Ontario. She now lives in Northern Ontario Canada and is married to her best friend and soul mate and their two dogs.

An avid reader all her life, S.L. Sterling dreamt of becoming an author. She decided to give writing a try after one of her favorite authors launched a course on how to write your novel. This course gave her the push she needed to put pen to paper and her debut novel "It Was Always You" was born.

When S.L. Sterling isn't writing or plotting her next novel she can be found curled up with a cup of coffee, blanket and the newest romance novel from one of her favorite authors on her e-reader. Her favorite authors include Kendall Ryan, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Lauren Blakely, Alessandra Torre and Willow Winters.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, sunny destinations, spending quality time with family and friends and of course reading.


Enter to win ebooks of S.L Sterling's backlist of books HERE!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Undeniable [Always 03] by Lexxie Couper!

It was all background noise, until he made her stop and listen.

Chase is tough, snarky, witty and fiercely loyal to her family. She is also hearing impaired, which makes the world around her sound like white noise a lot of the time. But that’s okay, she can deal. It’s not like she’s actually deaf, and she’s learned to lip read…when it suits her.

What she can’t deal with is guys like Caden, who think their looks and charm will win her over. They won’t because Chase has zero interest in pursuing a relationship with someone who’s leaving the country soon. What would be the point?

Well, there is the fun they have together. The way Caden shows he cares about things greater than himself, like abandoned dogs. There’s his smile, his eyes and his wicked sense of humor.

In fact, if Chase ever admitted it to herself, she might say Caden is just about perfect.

But how could a perfect guy possibly ever want someone who isn’t?

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

International bestselling romance author Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn't stopped since. She's not a deviant, but she does have a deviant's imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire...Sometimes all at once.


Saturday, 4 April 2020

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Stay With Me Trilogy by Nicole Fiorina!

Stay with Me [Stay with Me 01]

In a desperate final attempt to save nineteen-year-old Mia from herself, she gets transferred to Dolor University, a reformatory college in the UK that housed deranged and dangerous young adults who viewed the private institution as their own personal playground. Mia didn’t care. She needed feelings to care. She’d keep her head down, ignore everyone, and make it through the next two years effortlessly.

Though Mia never anticipated Ollie Masters.

With green eyes, tattoos, and the voice of a poet, she is quickly drawn to him. But because of her sociopath tendencies, she knows it could only end in one of two ways. Either he will be the one to free her from her past, or she will be the one to destroy him.In a desperate final attempt to save nineteen-year-old Mia from herself, she gets transferred to Dolor University, a reformatory college in the UK that housed deranged and dangerous young adults who viewed the private institution as their own personal playground. Mia didn’t care. She needed feelings to care. She’d keep her head down, ignore everyone, and make it through the next two years effortlessly.

Though Mia never anticipated Ollie Masters.

With green eyes, tattoos, and the voice of a poet, she is quickly drawn to him. But because of her sociopath tendencies, she knows it could only end in one of two ways. Either he will be the one to free her from her past, or she will be the one to destroy him.

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Even When I'm Gone [Stay With Me 02]

Forget everything you thought you knew. Hell, I don't even know myself anymore. For seven months I've been gone only to come back to be tested in every way possible. They say keep your enemies close, and my demons welcomed me back with open arms. My downfall is a necessary evil. But Mia is my endgame.

Seven months ago, Ollie surrendered to the darkness, abandoning me in the process. He stripped me of my walls only to leave me defenseless. Now he's back, along with fresh new faces and obstacles standing in our way. He says trust no one. Not even him. How am I supposed to be strong for us both when I'm losing my grip?

"Just stay with me, Mia."
"Even when you're gone?"
"Especially when I'm gone."

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Now Open Your Eyes [Stay With Me 03]

It was so close, I could almost taste it, but the only thing I could taste now was the end.
Over the last two years, I’d let all outside forces dictate my life, my feelings, my head.
I’d allowed everyone to control what my punishment should be for all my wrong-doings.
I’d been tested and learned my lesson.
I’d paid my dues and suffered long enough.
Because in the end,
even the once-upon-a-damned deserved to be happy too.

How far are you willing to go?
I’d asked myself this very question countless times.
But never in my wildest dreams thought I’d go back in time,
chasing ghosts from my past for a chance to save our future.
So, there was no limit.
No boundaries.
I’d cross time, the world, my morals.
Yes, I’d even double-cross myself.
So, how far would I go?
The answer had always been simple.
I’d go an eternity plus a day past crestfallen.

Check it out on Goodreads!

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Author bio:

Nicole Fiorina is an independent author, debuting with the Stay With Me series. She lives in Florida with her loving husband, Michael, two children, Christian and Grace, and Great Dane, Winston.

Her writing style is unapologetic and emotional, striving to push buttons, hearts, and limits. Nicole's books fall under New Adult Romance, with a suspenseful, poetic, and gothic twist.

A lover of music, especially classic rock, she can rap most Eminem songs, dance, dabbles on the piano, and likes to use power tools and a paintbrush. She's addicted to coconut berry Red bull, coffee, and root beer, and makes sure to force down water to appease her mother. When she's not writing, she's probably chauffeuring her kids around, at family gatherings, or sleeping.


Friday, 3 April 2020

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Miss Typed [Miss 02] by Aubrey Bondurant!

Aiden Samuels is the most mysterious and sexy man I’ve ever met – and he’s my new boss.

He’s given me a second chance and now it’s up to me not to blow it. No matter how much I may want to trust him with my secrets, I can’t afford to let him in.

He can’t discover the truth.
No matter what the cost.

Chloe Mattson is the most disarming and intriguing woman I’ve ever met – and she’s my new assistant.

She’s brought light into my dark life, but she’s much too innocent for me. I need discipline and control to keep her at arms-length, but I can’t resist helping her, even when she insists she doesn’t need it. No matter how much I desire her, Chloe is off-limits.

Growing closer may prove complicated.
Staying away may prove impossible.

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Author bio:

Aubrey Bondurant is a working mom who loves to write, read and travel.

She describes her writing style as: "Adult Contemporary Erotic Romantic Comedy," which is just another way of saying she likes her characters funny, her bedroom scenes hot, and her romances with a happy ending.

When Aubrey isn't working her day job, or spending time with her family, she's on her laptop typing away on her next story. She only wishes there were more hours of the day!

She's a former member of the US Marine Corps and passionate about veteran charities and giving back to the community. She loves a big drooly dog, a fantastic margarita, and football.


Thursday, 2 April 2020

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Twisted Truths [The Regretful Lies Duet 02] by Gina Azzi!

Some truths are twisted tighter than lies.

Forcing Eli to hate me shatters my heart.

It devastates me more than watching him fall back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend.

It cuts deeper than pretending I don’t care.

But I do it to protect his future happiness; I do it for him.

Eli swallows the lies I feed him and exhales them as twisted truths.

He discovers my secret and accepts the anguish crippling my soul.

Relentless. Determined. Desperate.

I couldn’t push him away again if I tried.

And I’m done trying.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon

Author bio:

Gina Azzi writes emotional and captivating contemporary romance novels with heart-warming happily-ever-afters. She is the author of The Regretful Lies Duet, The Kane Brothers Series, The College Pact Series, Finding Love in Scotland Series, and Corner of Ocean and Bay. All of her books can be read as stand-alones.

A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent her twenties traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children. She's a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people. Say hey to her on social media or through www.ginaazzi.com.