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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats by Carla Rehse!

Author Interview!
Tell us a little about your main character.
Gracie is rather complicated. She’s trying to figure out what she wants in life, like a lot of seventeen-year olds. She also has a strong sense of loyalty and a fuzzy moral compass.
Gracie is the person you’d want in the foxhole with you, as she’d do anything to get everyone out alive.
What actors/actresses do you envision for a Hollywood adaption of your book?
Gracie: Griffin Arnlund
Asher: Dylan Sprayberry
Willow: India Eisley
Uncle Jonah: Matt Bonner
Where were you born/grew up at?
I’m an Army brat, so I travelled the world. I consider Texas my home.
Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I’m very much a plotter. I have a “storyboard” wall in my office with three chalkboards for outlines, plot threads, and characters. It helps me to be visual.
How many books have you written? Published?
I’ve written 5 books, but Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats is the first to be published.
What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m currently working on the sequel to Pink Lock Picks—Pink Duct Tape and Glittery Broomsticks. I’m also working on a sci-fi thriller that I started several years ago. Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I should publish both stories early next year. 

And some fun questions:

What book do you think everyone should read?

The Harry Potter series. I re-read them at least once a year.
What crazy thing do you want to do?
I want to touch a penguin. I have no idea why, but they fascinate me.
Coke or Pepsi?
Coffee…lots and lots of coffee.
Lastly, where can readers find you?
I’m on twitter at @CRehse and would love to chat. You can also find updates on my website: carlarehse.com
Until 12-1-17, Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats will be on sale for $.99.
Witches must bond with humans in order to produce children—and once the bond is made, it cannot easily be broken.

Imagine seventeen-year-old Gracie Mason’s surprise when she accidentally bonds with a witch named Asher. Sure, he’s cute, but that’s beside the point. She’s not gonna settle for a guy just because she’s magically bound to him.

To dissolve the bond, Gracie must seek out another witch to perform a magical rite. However, matters become considerably more complicated when witches begin turning up dead. Wanting nothing more than to get on with her life, Gracie must now team up with her new witchy friend and wade deeper into a complex world of enchantment and intrigue.

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats is an enthralling story of magic, mystery, and murder—and each new twist will draw you further under its spell.

Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bio:

Although not a native Texan, Carla prides herself on having mastered the correct usage of “y’all” and “bless your heart.”

Carla is owned by a persnickety kitty, who rules the computer keyboard and only allows Carla to write when demands for cat treats are met.


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Sweetheart Mystery [Brash & Brazen 04] by Cheryl Ann Smith!


   Harper dug through her closet and pulled out a little red dress that she’d been saving for a special occasion. A charity event with Noah was the perfect place to dust it off. Small crystals edged the hem and bodice, giving the dress sparkle and she needed sparkle. After his comment in the car, she wanted to knock Noah’s feet out from under him.
   Since his confession, she’d been feeling warm and fuzzy. Despite locking down her heart with a chain Noah couldn’t break, she just couldn’t completely shake him off.
   Yes, she agreed to sex, no frills, all fun, sex. But she couldn’t quite fully give him her trust.
   What if they dated, got married, and had kids? Then something crappy happened. Would Noah run for refuge with another woman? He had before. Could she take that risk?
   Equal parts of her were worried, and ready, to take the next step. She so wanted to test his lovemaking skills.
   With the tide turning away from her as his best suspect, Mignon was unlikely to interrupt her and Noah again. By the end of the evening, she hoped to be knee deep in the sheets with a warm and naked Noah.
   After showering and flat ironing her hair for a different look, she put on makeup and a barely-there red bra and matching tiny panties. Next, she slipped into the dress and loved the feel of the satin against her bare skin.
   Shoes with sparkles on the straps completed the picture. She’d just found her dress clutch when Noah arrived. She’d left the door unlocked. “You ready?” he called out.
   Taking a deep breath with her hand on her chest, she walked into the living room on high heels.
   Noah went still. “Wow.”
   Dressed in a tux with a white shirt and bowtie, he was heart-stoppingly handsome. Not only had he shaved, but he’d had his hair trimmed. “Yeah, wow back.”
   She joined him. He took her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist, sending tingles up her arm. Up close, he smelled spicy and male. If not for the chance to speak to Betty Anne, and having spent too much time on her hair, she would’ve chucked their plans and taken him right to the bedroom.
   Noah offered her his arm. “Is it appropriate to be very aroused right now?”
   Laughing, she linked her arm through his. “I hear you.” She steered him to the door before she lost her resolve to behave. Going with an attempted baseball analogy, she said, “You’re pitching pheromones that I’m catching.”
Harper Jane Evans is so over pro cheerleading but she’s not quite ready for prison. Good thing she’s got a badass ex-boyfriend ready to go to bat for her . . .

Sure, Harper made a few unsavory threats against her team’s manager—she’d had a few drinks and she despised the skimpy uniform he expected her to wear. That didn’t mean she wanted him dead. But when the sleazy dude is found murdered in his tighty whiteys, Harper is the number one suspect—and former FBI agent Noah Slade is the one man who can help. Too bad she once told Noah she never wanted to see him again . . .

Noah may have done a number on Harper’s heart all those years ago, but he’s determined to do right by her now. Yet the fiery beauty isn’t the only demon from his past, which makes hunting down a murderer by her side . . . complicated—never mind the powerful attraction still pulsing between them. Good thing he’s willing to do just about anything to keep from losing Harper again. And an old love just might bring her a new career—assuming she can stay out of jail …
Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bio:
National bestselling author Cheryl Ann Smith became hooked on romance at age fourteen when she stayed up all night to read The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Her own writing journey happened much later, when one afternoon she ran out of books and decided to write her own. Previously, she has published five sexy Regency novels and one novella with Berkley in her School for Brides series.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dream On [Dreams Come True 01] by Stacey Keith!

   Cassidy stood shivering and barefoot on her porch. No one was up this early except the Perkins boy who weaved along the sidewalk on his bike, pitching newspapers.
   But the hush of morning made everything beautiful—the silver mist, the dew-covered grass, the gray light of dawn. And she knew with absolute certainty that this one moment, when her body ached so deliciously and her heart felt so full, would stay with her forever.
   Behind her, she could hear Mason washing his breakfast dishes in the sink. She’d cooked for him just as though they were any other couple and this were any other morning. There he’d sat grinning up at her from the table, and she was so in love with him, her hands shook when she scraped eggs from the skillet onto his plate. Every piece of toast she buttered was his toast. Every cup of coffee she poured was his coffee. While he ate, she ran her fingers through his thick dark hair and that feeling of delirious happiness moved through her, so intense it felt like pain.
   Waiting out on the porch, she heard him close the zippers on his rucksack. Last night, the sound of a zipper had driven her crazy with desire. Now, there was no lonelier sound in the world.
Deep in the heart of Texas is a small town where secret wishes have a funny way of coming true...

With a nine-year-old daughter, an overdue light bill, and a job slinging burgers while zooming around on roller skates, Cassidy Roby is not living the glamorous life. But Cuervo, Texas, has its charms: quiet streets, loving family, and the down-home familiarity of knowing which of your neighbors are mean as snakes. With Cassidy’s reputation, she knows what will happen if she steps a foot out of line. But how can she help it now that Mason Hannigan’s back in town?

As Cuervo’s high school quarterback ten years ago, Mason was all rock-hard abs and yes-ma’am manners. Now that he’s living the glitz and glory of the NFL, he’s all that plus a couple million bucks. The desire blazing between them is too hot to hide. Cassidy has some experience getting her heart broken by the hometown hero—and having the whole world watch her try to pick up the pieces. Will adding fame, fortune, and paparazzi be a playbook for disaster—or lead to the biggest adventure of her life?
Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bio:

Stacey Keith is the award-winning author of the Dreams Come True series (Kensington Books), DREAM ON, SWEET DREAMS and DREAM LOVER, in addition to A WEDDING ON BLUEBIRD WAY with New York Times Bestseller authors Janet Dailey, Lori Wilde and the talented Allyson Charles.

Twice a Golden Heart finalist, Stacey has won a Maggie, two Silver Quills, a Jasmine, a Heart of the Rockies, and over fifteen other first-place finishes in Romance Writers of America contests.

An avid writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and short stories, Stacey doesn’t own a television, but reads compulsively—and would, in fact, go stark raving bonkers without books, which are crammed into all corners of the house. She now lives in Civita Castellana, a medieval village in Italy that sits atop a cliff, and spends her days writing in a nearby abandoned 12th century church.

The two things she is most proud of are her ability to cook pasta alla genovese without burning down the kitchen and swearing volubly in Italian with all the appropriate hand gestures.


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Right Kind of Reckless [Reckless Hearts 02] by Heather Van Fleet!

 “I’m a big girl, Maxwell. I don’t need you and Gavin coming in here and fighting my battles for me. I’m not some idiotic college girl anymore.”
   I flinched and softened my tone. “I never said you were, Lee-L ee. Never once gave you that idea.”
   “No, but you came here and picked a fight when I already had it handled.” She shrugged one shoulder.
   “I saw that asshole put his hands on you at the bar. I was going to let it lie, but…” I ran my hand through my hair and took a step back, pulling at the ends to keep myself in check. Only Lia could push my buttons like this. Only Lia made me want to explode with every emotion known to man.
   “But what?” she asked, her voice going hard.
   My thoughts took me back, reminding me what she hadn’t heard from that idiot punk kid. I closed my eyes, willing the rage away, fighting with what I wanted to say versus what I needed to say instead.
   I didn’t want to tell her what that guy said, but because I kept nothing from this girl—because she needed this knowledge to prepare herself in case something happened when I wasn’t around— I told her anyway. “Those guys, Lee-L ee… They said shit, planned on coming after you after work. I heard them talking about it.”
   She froze. “Oh.”
   “That’s what you say when I tell you some guys were planning on doing God only knows what to you?”
   I pulled her closer by the shoulders this time, slowly lowering my hands to her upper arms. Goose bumps pebbled her pretty skin as I slid my palms down to her elbows, proof that what I said affected her, regardless of her don’t-give-a-shit attitude.
   “Just stop, okay?” She lifted her finger and pressed it to my lips, those eyes I dreamed of night after night locked with mine. “Guess it’s high time I start paying you back for some of what I owe you. First bail, now…this?”
   “What?” I jerked my head back, confused. “What you  owe me? You don’t owe me sh—” And that’s when she kissed me. Fingers in my hair, lips parting, tongue dancing…
   Holy. Hell. Lia fucked with her mouth, and it was the hottest thing I’d ever done in my life.
   She moaned. I might’ve too. Wet, sweet, hot…everything I’d ever imagined our kisses could be. I bit down on her lip, her fingers grazing my neck, digging into my skin, then my hair. I lowered my hands to her ass and squeezed, jerking her close, grinding my cock against her stomach.
   More, more, more. I need more.
   Fingers aching, I tucked my hands into the back of her shorts, finding the string of her thong. I tugged it aside, damn near ripping it with my fingers. Our teeth rammed together, my body wound up, hers pliant.
   This was it. Our moment. The one I’d been dying for. The one that showed me she wanted me too—t hat I wasn’t losing my mind after all. This was the moment when everything changed.
   That is, until she stopped. Froze was more like it. Then her hands were on my chest, shoving me back. Not hard, but just enough to break our connection.
   I panted like a dog, reaching for her, growling at her. Needing her.
   But then she winked. Fucking winked at me. “That work for you, Soldier Boy?”
   “Uh…” I blinked, confused and in a hell of a lot of pain from my dick pressing hard against my zipper. Unconsciously, I adjusted my cock, forgetting she could see, that she was waiting and watching for my reaction. Maybe even waiting for me to say something charming. Which I couldn’t, because Lia had mouth-fucked the words right outta me.
   An adorable smirk grew on her face, stealing what little brainpower I had left. Instead of talking though, trying to figure out why she’d done that, I leaned forward, needing more—a spoiled, greedy man with a one- track mind. That’s all I’d ever be when it came to her.
   Before I could get another good taste, she turned her back to me, reached for the door handle, and said, “Now that’s one less favor I owe you.” Then she unlocked the door and left me behind like a dumb-ass.

“You’ll fall in love with these rugged Marines and their Reckless Hearts!” —Kelly Gendron, USA Today bestselling author of the Breaking the Declan Brothers series

I’m in love with a woman I can’t have, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop myself from falling.

The problem? Her brother’s my best friend.

I shouldn’t want her this much. Not when it goes against the bro code. Not when I’ve never been able to commit to a woman for longer than a night.

But one look into her eyes and I’m a mess for her. She’s my everything. And I have to walk away with nothing.
Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bio:

Heather Van Fleet is stay-at-home-mom turned book boyfriend connoisseur. She’s a wife to her high school sweetheart, a mom to three little girls, and in her spare time you can find her with her head buried in her Kindle, guzzling down copious amounts of coffee.

Heather graduated from Black Hawk College in 2003 with an associate degree and has been working in the publishing industry for over five years. She’s represented by Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary.



Friday, 10 November 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Mountain Man [The Smith Brothers 01] by Sherilee Gray!

   I glanced around. I was in a basic log cabin, the open fire blazing on the other side of the room, and furs on the floor. There were guns leaning against the wall by the door, which was secured with a long, thick piece of lumber that I didn’t think I’d be able to lift even if I could escape my human manacles.
   The arm around me was a dead weight. I couldn’t move it. Tears started filling my eyes as panic set in.
   Maybe if I slid out from under his arm?
   I started sliding downward…
   His eyelids snapped open and vibrant blue eyes locked on me.
   I screamed, tried to jerk back, and when those monster arms didn’t let me go, screamed some more.
   The huge man’s eyes went wide, then he jolted, released me, and shot out of bed so fast you’d think I was the one who’d stripped him naked and crawled in bed with him.
   He stood several feet away, hand up, like he was warding me off, or maybe trying to put me at ease? I wasn’t sure how that was possible since I was naked and moments ago he’d been pressed up against me while I was unconscious.
   “Who the hell are you and what am I doing here?” I watched as what I could see of his face turned pink.
   “Found you…” he said in a voice that was so deep I was sure the ground quivered beneath us. “Unconscious. I brought you here.”
   I scrambled up the bed, taking the covers with me, and thanked God when I realized I still had panties on, even as fear coiled tight in my belly. “Why the hell did you take my clothes off? What did you do to me?”
   His brows lowered. “Do?”
   I clutched the covers tighter to my chest. “I’m practically naked, and you were all over me.”
   He took an abrupt step back, his heavy brows now shooting up, eyes widening, in what I could only describe as alarm. “Woman, you were close to death. Only way to warm you back up quick was body heat.”
   I’d heard of people doing that before, hadn’t I?
   I took him in.
   The yeti.
   He was the giant fur-covered beast walking toward me through the snow before I passed out.
   My eyes dropped before I could stop them.
   Good God, he was huge.
   I’d never seen a man like the one in front of me in all my life. He was taller than the door he was standing in front of, massive everywhere—thick, sold thighs dusted with dark hair, long legs, bulging calves. His chest and shoulders were wide, his waist thick, his stomach roped with muscle. One of his biceps was easily as big as one of my thighs, and that was saying something, since I wasn’t at all what you would call petite. My gaze slid back down. One of his enormous hands was covering his groin, or trying to anyway.
   He made a low, broken sound, and my eyes shot back up to his. His face wasn’t pink anymore; it was fire-engine red.
   “Can you…ah, put some clothes on, please?” My voice came out as a raspy whisper.
   He jolted again, like he only just realized he was standing there completely naked. He turned away, flashing a spectacular pair of muscular butt cheeks before snatching up a pair of pants and pulling them on. The fact that I could even contemplate the attractiveness of his butt was insane given the circumstances. I obviously hadn’t fully recovered from my ordeal.

Hank Smith saved my life, carrying me through a blizzard to his mountain cabin. He doesn’t like strangers, and he doesn’t like leaving his sanctuary. Now I’m trapped here with him until the snow melts.

I see him looking at me. He tries to hide behind a gruff exterior, but I see the longing and the heat burning in his eyes. I know he wants me, and I can’t resist him. I want to feel those big, rough hands all over my body.

But once he’s unleashed his raw, barely tried desire on me, will I be able to leave my mountain man behind, or will he make me his?
Check it out on Goodreads!
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Author bio:

Sherilee Gray writes sexy, edgy contemporary and paranormal romance. Stories full of heat and high emotion, following stubborn characters as they fight against the odds… and their happily ever after. She’s a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful NZ with her husband and their two children. When not writing or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Shattered Glass [Shattered Hearts 01] by Destiny Hawkins!


   We stared at one another, her probably wondering how I was going to kill her, and me, wondering if I should even kill her at all. I knew that Falcon would never intentionally hurt me, which meant that he truly did love her, and I understood that for this woman, she couldn’t help who she fell in love with. Who wouldn’t fall for a man like Falcon?
   “Get it over with, Queen Allora,” the head of the council, Declan, said. His bright red eyes darkened into a maroon shade as his lips curved into a smile. It was hard to believe that he was once an innocent little boy. “You’re torturing yourself. This man betrayed you, and this woman crossed you. He was your lover, and yet, she was his lover. That doesn’t sound right to me. Don’t let him soften you with his pleading, and don’t let her tears fool you. They both knew exactly what they were doing.”
   “Allora.” Falcon growled. “Don’t listen to him. He has no heart. You’re not like him ― you don’t have to do this to her. Whatever you’re thinking, just―”
   “Quiet!” I yelled. “I trusted you…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, but I would finish what I came here to do.
   The woman whimpered again as I reached down to touch her shoulder, and once my hand was resting against her shaking body, I realized that we were both equally afraid. She was afraid of dying, and I was afraid of losing the little good in me that I had left.
   The woman swallowed, her blue eyes filling with more tears as she stared into my cold greens. “I’m sorr―”
   Before she could finish her apology, I ripped my hand away, leaving her body to be engulfed in blue flames.
Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the first installment of a steamy paranormal romance series where a dark queen has met her match, and a wolf has met his mate.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I lived in a world of darkness, never to see the light again.

It’s been eleven years since my father cursed Crystal City, since he condemned me to a life of loneliness and misery. By taking away everything that my mother loved, he took everything that I knew and cared for. Everything, but the throne. Only what good was being a queen in a city of mindless killers? A city that would never see the sunlight until the day of my death.

I truly had nothing to live for…

…Or so I thought.

The night that Wolfe was dragged into my palace, I knew that my life would never be the same. We were childhood friends once, but we went our separate ways. He became captain of the pirates, and I ascended to the diamond throne.

My once sworn protector had become my enemy, but we were both alone, and the connection we felt was almost unbearable to ignore.

My heart only cracked after my father abandoned me, but Wolfe would completely shatter it.

For someone that hasn’t felt anything for years, that wasn’t such a bad thing.
Check it out on Goodreads!
Buy your copy from Amazon
Author bio:

Destiny Hawkins lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and is currently working on her first Erotica called Shattered Glass & the second book to The Blue Moon Series, The Dark Bloods.

Destiny enjoys cooking, running, listening to music, and reading plus, of course, writing! Her favorite genres to read and work in are Fantasy, LGBT, Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian, Sci-fi, and young adult. She’s been a writer since she was nine years old, with Caged being her very first novel and she has more to come!! Much...much more.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Lawson [Cerberus MC 2.0 01] by Marie James!

My plan was as simple as they come… in theory. Show up at the Cerberus clubhouse and give dear old Dad a piece of my mind. What I didn’t expect was being welcomed by the open arms of a father who had no idea I existed.

More importantly, I didn’t anticipate HER. Delilah Donovan was a breath of fresh air. She would soon become my reason for wanting to become a better man, my reason for getting out of bed with a smile on my normally sneering face. But no matter how much I changed, she’d always be too good for a man like me.

It was over before it could even begin.

Check it out on Goodreads!

Buy your copy from Amazon
Author bio:

Marie James is a full-time working mother of two amazing little boys and wife of almost 13 years. She enjoys reading in her spare time, and diet coke is always near. Central Texas is where Marie calls home and has lived most of her life. With 13 published books under her belt, she has no desire to stop writing anytime soon and has dozens of book ideas to keep her busy.