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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another Short Teaser from Ember by Jessica Sorensen!

Jessica just keeps making me want this book even more with with teaser!

Don’t be afraid. You know I’d never hurt you.”
“You stay the hell away from me.” I flip over onto my stomach, taking out the table. I scramble to my feet and sprint across the room for the flashlight. I scoop it up and spin around, sweeping the light across t...

he room.
But he’s gone.
I back for the door, sliding my phone out of my pocket. I dial Ian’s number. “Come on, come on, come—”
The doorbell rings. Startled, I drop my phone on the floor and the back pops off. I snatch up the pieces and quickly throw open the door.
Asher looks sexy as hell. His inky black hair dangles in his gorgeous slate eyes and the sleeves of his plaid shirt are pushed up, showing off his lean arms. My eyes stray down lower, to where his jeans ride low on his hips, and I picture myself trailing kisses down his abs.
Damn Raven and her dirty books. They’re messing with my head.

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