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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Swag Haul!

Last week I actually got so much swag from authors and friends that I wanted to make a post showing you guys pictures of what I got and from who! This is the first time that I have actually recieved swag from authors so I was very excited. This swag is NOT for giveaways as I don't get any swag from authors to do giveaways! Sorry guys! But I do have giveaways going on at Book Dream Land every weekend! You can enter here: http://www.facebook.com/BookDreamLand#!/BookDreamLand/app_228910107186452

First up I received my goodies which I won from Jessica Sorensen! (I will be receiving more soon!)

Then I got my signed cover proof of Spark from Brigid Kemmerer! She even threw in a couple of bookmarks as well!

And lastly I received a lot of signed goodies which a friend sent over to me from America!

I would like to say a massive, huge, colossal thank you to Jessica Sorensen, Brigid Kemmerer and Katy Austin for sending me these goodies!

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