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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Review: Charade [Heven and Hell 02] by Cambria Hebert!

Publication date: 18th May 2012
Paperback edition: 331 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Dying at the hands of a psycho was a shock. Having my life returned to me by an angel was incredible. Being named a Supernatural Treasure and being given Sam as my guard was pretty darn awesome. Acquiring a debt for it all - well, I should have seen it coming. Now here we are, fighting demons from hell, caring for a boy that I just don't trust and traveling to faraway places to return a treasure to its rightful place. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone wears a mask, everyone puts on a charade. It's up to us to separate the truth from the lies and reality from fiction. A hard task when my new reality involves fallen angels, witches and dragons...and did I mention hell? Anchoring me down through it all is Sam. Sam who must face tragedies of his own and is put to the test again and again. If we fail in our task, life as we know it - life as you know it - will end. Forever. - goodreads.com
Favourite quote: “If you cannot breathe, I will breathe for you. If your heart will not beat, mine will beat harder. If you do not live, neither will I.”

I cannot put into words how much I adore this series! I loved this book just as much as the first book in this series! After the ending of Masquerade I was eagerly anticipating Charade and it did not disappoint one bit! Again, I loved the characters, the plot and the writing! I also loved how perfect the pace was! It left me thinking ahead and I always was interested in it and I did not want to put it down until I had read the last page! I loved how much the characters had grown in this book compared to the last book and I loved watching their changes happen! Heven and Sam just made me fall in love with them again and again during this book and they were so amazing together! Kimber was a great friend to Heven again in this book and I still loved her! The plot continues on from Masquerade and you learn a lot more about the plot and the it made the Heven and Hell series very original! The plot thickens so much in Charade and it just gets better and better! There are so many different paranormal elements to this story and there will just about be a paranormal element in Charade for everyone! Cambria Hebert is AWESOME with twists and Charade is full of them! Most of the twists were so unexpected and so good! I cannot wait until the next book in the Heven and Hell series! I love the cover as well as Sam is on it!


  1. thank you so much for this amazing review! I appreciate the time you took to read and review Charade!

    1. Awwwww thank you so much! I LOVE your books! You deserve the great review!