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Monday, 17 September 2012

Review: Helena Zane: Sacred Angels by Shanora Williams!

Publication date: 4th September 2012
Paperback edition: 349 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Being a normal angel of the Middle-Earth was never Helena Zane’s calling and when she meets two completely different men that have the same upbringing, she figures out why. She discovers that she was created by Athena to protect her people. To the normal angels, she is considered a Sacred Angel-- a warrior. An angel that fights to protect and patrol the city of Athens from Hades who snatches away the souls of the mortals just to gain more power. But after training and going through countless battles with creatures from the Underworld, she becomes torn between the two gorgeous lovers that will do anything just to gain her heart. If she gives up on defeating Hades because of her hurting heart, all of mankind may be destroyed. But continuing her love triangle and going through with the battle will only cause her heart to rip and shatter. The safety of the world lies within her hands; the hearts of her lovers dwells in her very palms. And she is the only one that can stop all hell from breaking loose.

I was torn between 4 stars and 5 stars for this book but I decided to give it 5 stars! I was asked by the author to write a review for this book and I have to say that this book was worth the read but at times it did get a bit confusing! Sometimes it was hard to figure out who was actually speaking and I would actually have to re-read a page but that was the only problem I had with this book! I liked the different point of views as it told you what was going to happen next which made me want to read on! The plot of this book was interesting and I actually enjoyed it! There were also a lot of action scenes in this book and they were very well written and they were full of suspense! The characters in this book were very well written and I really enjoyed them as well! I really liked the main character, Helena Zane but I think that she was portrayed as a teenager when she was an adult. I really liked Helena's love interests, Arion Helios and Levi and I thought that the love triangle was well written and I did enjoy it! There were also a lot of secondary characters and they were also very well written! The ending was really good and I will definitely read the next book in this series! The cover for this book is absolutely stunning and I hope the next book's cover can live up to this one!

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