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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Song of the Day!

Every day I will be posting a song which has been my favourite all day or has been in my head all day and sometimes I may post a song along with a book review. I hope you enjoy the songs and enjoy listening to them.

Today's song is ♪ Katy Perry - Teenage Dream ♪


  1. I just started following this blog, and i have to say.... you have sooo many books i love, that i have to ask if you have read Mayandree michels book, betrayal? if not, its super good...also Dust Lands: Blood Red Road...? and i loooveee love love Archers of Avalon.. :) Ive been wanting to read the Eve Trilogy... :( i get distracted by other awesome books along the way haha.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! I did start to read Blood Red Road but I didn't finish it! I am going to re-read it though! I have already reviewed the Archers of Avalon series and I am going to be posting it along with an interview which I did with the author, Chelsea Fine! The Eve trilogy was amazing and I cannot wait until the last book in the series, Rise!

      I hope you continue to enjoy Book Crazy! Thank you for following! It means so much to me!