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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Review: Inbetween [Kissed by Death 01] by Tara A. Fuller!

Publication date: 28th August 2012
Paperback edition: 400 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Since the car crash that took her father’s life three years ago, Emma’s life has been a freaky — and unending — lesson in caution. Surviving “accidents” has taken priority over being a normal seventeen-year-old, so Emma spends her days taking pictures of life instead of living it. Falling in love with a boy was never part of the plan. Falling for a reaper who makes her chest ache and her head spin? Not an option.

It’s not easy being dead, especially for a reaper in love with a girl fate has put on his list not once, but twice. Finn’s fellow reapers give him hell about spending time with Emma, but Finn couldn’t let her die before, and he’s not about to let her die now. He will protect the girl he loves from the evil he accidentally unleashed, even if it means sacrificing the only thing he has left…his soul.

Favourite quote: "Before you, there was only dark. You lit up my whole world, like the sun bursting through the clouds on a stormy day."

I was really looking forward to reading this book and it was so good compared to what I was expecting! The plot was quite original and I was keen to keep reading on and finding out what would happen next! It was fast paced which made me not lose interest at any point while reading it! There were also so many action scenes in this book which left me on the edge of my seat! Emma was one of the main characters and it did take me a while to really connect with her but I did quite quickly which was a good thing! Finn was another main character and he was SO protective of Emma and he was willing to do anything for her which was so sweet to read! Inbetween was told from Emma and Finn's point of views and I didn't really think that I would enjoy the story from both of their point of views but I have to be honest and say that it made this book even better! I am really looking forward to finding out what happens in the next book in this series! The cover also suits this book so well and I love it!

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