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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Review: Spark by Melissa Dereberry!

Publication date: 25th June 2012
Paperback edition: 198 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 3 stars
Synopsis: What if you lost four years of your life? Worse, what if you found out that your deepest fears are true: You really are different than everyone else . . . but would have never dreamed how? And finally, if you could change the past, would you?

Tess Turner wakes up in a hospital bed, and discovers that she’s been in a coma for four years after a freak accident at her 13th birthday party. Confused and overwhelmed, her situation gets even worse when her parents deliver the devastating news that her best friend Dani was killed that day.

Even though many of her classmates are still around, Tess must learn to navigate a new school and make new friends. When she feels drawn to the mysterious, handsome Zach Webb, none of her friends approve. Zach claims to know untold details about her life and Tess is suspicious, yet she is unable to resist his charm. Playing along to see if he really knows “everything about her,” she finds herself drawn into the adventure of a lifetime that will compel her to make an important choice. Given the opportunity to change the past, she must face the consequences her actions would have on the future. - goodreads.com

Favourite quote: "Because indefinitely means forever, and always. And forever is sometimes scary, but it's something you can count on just the same."

The synopsis makes this book sound so good but it was quite different to what I was expecting but I really liked it! I actually thought that this book was a contempory to start with but it turns supernatural quite quick! The plot was interesting but I couldn't really get into it! Tess Turner was the main character of Spark and I seemed to like her more and more as I progressed through this book! I felt really sorry for her as she had been through a lot and she had such a lot to deal with! Zach Webb was the love interest of Tess and I liked him. He was a mystery at the beginning but he started to unravel as the book progressed! I really loved Tess and Zach as a couple and Zach was so sweet and protective of Tess! Cricket was such a great friend to Tess and I loved her! I must say that I did skim through the chapters that were written in file format as I like Tess I didn't understand about half the words in them but they were essential to the story! I actually had to stop reading this book about 70% in as I just couldn't continue reading it! I couldn't get into it and I felt myself losing interest! The characters were amazing though! I also like the cover as well!

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