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Friday, 23 November 2012

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Autumn Storm [Witchling Trilogy 02] by Lizzy Ford!

Hey guys! Here is my release day blitz for Autum Storm by Lizzy Ford! There is also a teaser and a giveaway! Enjoy!

A girl with no memory, hidden in plain sight. A boy with no hope, freefalling into Darkness.

Autumn doesn’t know why she remembers a boarding school she’s never visited, or why her reflection isn’t always … hers. There’s another girl in the mirror, a dark-haired ghost that emerges one night to guide her to a cliff near the school. Only Autumn can’t remember what happened there and why it’s so important. Beck’s gentle touch soothes her distress while Decker’s every look sets her body on fire. Caught between the twins, she struggles to understand her instincts and magick while working through the pain caused by a mysterious car accident that left her disabled, barely able to walk.

Unable to recover from Summer’s death, Decker slowly surrenders to the Dark. He can’t live with the pain, and those around him keep Autumn’s secret too well. The guilt he feels when he falls for her – and betrays Summer’s memory – drives him farther from the Light, until he loses control and begins taking the souls of Light witchlings. As the protector of Light, Beck must choose between confronting his twin and watching more witchlings suffer. Decker realizes Beck has come between more than him and the witchlings. With neither of them willing to let Autumn go, they turn on each other.

Only one of them knows the truth. Only one of them will walk away, unless Autumn can find a way to save them both.
Here is the teaser! 
Music blared, and the scents and smoke from marijuana and cigarettes rolled into the street from the party in the apartment overlooking the alley in which Decker stood. He sought the entrance to the building and walked through the hallways, until he found a stairwell to the fourth floor. Down another corridor, he found the party. People, trash and alcohol spanned across several apartments.
   Using his magick, he reached out to identify where the newly Dark soul was and followed his instincts. He jostled his way through the humans, unconcerned with them, when the prey he hunted was nearby.
    He sensed several witchlings here, both Dark and Light. The Darkness was creeping into his mind again, ready to take control of his body. He wanted … needed it to help him this night, after the kiss with the blond girl.
    The soul he sought wasn’t in the main room. He walked through the first hallway and opened one door. The couple within was in the throes of sex. The sight left him aroused, the fire in his blood adding to his agitated magick. They were humans, not witchlings. 
     He went to the second door and opened it. Five witchlings – three Light, one Dark and one newly Dark – were gathered around a pentagram. In the center of the pentagram was the pale, naked body of a brunette. Two of the Light witchlings – both girls – were crying. He sensed by the Light Law broken that someone had tried blood magick to help the human girl in the center, who had overdosed.
     She was dead. There was no bringing her back. His eyes took in her pale skin and the dark hair fanning around her head. She was built much like the soul mate he’d lost. An image of Summer’s naked body in the moonlight flashed through his thoughts. He’d spent a weekend with her in his parent’s cabin, making love to her and learning more about the girl meant to be his mate.
     The vision in his head changed. Summer was replaced by the blond girl whose kiss destroyed what little Decker held sacred: the memory of his time Summer. He shouldn’t have kissed the blond. He’d failed Summer in life. He’d betrayed her in death.
     Tonight is the night you choose. The voice belonged to Bartholomew-the-Terrible, the long-dead Dark Master. If you kill the Light witchlings, the Darkness will take away your pain.
     Guilt rose, followed by resolve. Decker stared at the girl’s body then turned his gaze to the three Light witchlings. All eyes were on him. Judging by the glazed looks, they were drugged. Only one had the sense to look terrified when she recognized that the Dark Master stood in their midst.
     Decker hesitated. The Light witchlings were innocent, their eyes already red with tears from crying over their friend.
    You’ll have peace at last, Bartholomew told him. Everyone you love will be protected from what you are. All you have to do is kill them.
    With a deep breath, Decker turned to close the door and lock it. He stretched his neck and rolled his shoulders. The Darkness was at the edge of his mind, waiting to see what he chose to do.
   Decker withdrew the knife and wound his fingers through the hair of the nearest Light witchling, pulling her head back to expose her vulnerable neck.
   Was he ready to cross the point of no return?
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  1. Cool cover! I have read Dark Summer and I love Summer and Decker. I can't wait to read this one next. :)