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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review: Lykaia [The Sophia Katsaros Series 01] by Sharon Van Orman!

Publication date: 30th August 2012
Paperback edition: 269 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: “We are the terrors that hunt the night. And we have never been human”

In Greek mythology there’s a story of King Lykaonas of Arcadia and his fifty sons who were cursed by the father of the gods, Zeus, to become wolves. The very first Lycanthropes. 

Forensic pathologist, Sophia Katsaros, receives a cryptic phone call from Greece telling her that her brothers are missing and leaves to search for them. With the help of Illyanna, her brother’s girlfriend, Sophia examines the evidence but cannot accept a bizarre possibility: Has one or both of her brothers been transformed during the Lykaia, the ceremony where Man is said to become Wolf?
Who is Marcus, a dark stranger that both repels and excites her? And what is the real story behind the 5000 year old curse of King Lykaonas?

I actually really enjoyed this book more than I was expecting! I really liked the plot though I do have to admit that I found it slightly confusing until I got into it! I thought that the plot was very original and very well written! I really liked the characters as well! The main character, Sophia was amazing! She was strong and so brave! I also liked how she faced her problems head on!  I would have loved a bit of romance in this book with Sophia though! The rest of the characters were very well written and I really enjoyed them as well! I thought that the different point of views were interesting but they did confuse me until I was able to follow the plot! My favourite point of view was definitely Sophia's as it was full of suspense and I couldn't wait to get to a chapter that was told from her point of view but I do think that the other point of views were absolutely necessary to the plot! I am actually looking forward to the next book in this series as I enjoyed this one and also after the ending! I think that the cover suits the plot as well! Big thank you to Sharon for a copy of Lykaia!

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