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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review: Dissidence by Jamie Canosa!

Publication date: 1st December
Paperback edition: 364 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: In dystopian America, sixteen year old Kaleigh finds out quickly what having a big mouth and not enough brains to keep it shut can earn you. A one-way ticket to the work camps that no one even knows exists.
Nuclear war has ravished the nation, and a century later, the survivors are living in an entirely new world. In a society where everything is decided for you, from where you work to who you marry, dissidence is not taken lightly.
But, even inside the camps, Kaleigh’s fiery spirit refuses to be extinguished. In a single moment of defiance, she manages to spark a riot that ignites into a full-blown rebellion.
With growing numbers counting on her, not just for their freedom, but for their very lives, two different boys vying for her heart, and trouble brewing from within the camp itself, can Kaleigh find a way to step up and become the leader everyone is counting on her to be, or will even the most carefully laid plans come crashing down around her?

Dissidence is now one of my favourite dystopian books! I loved everything about it! It had great characters, an amazing plot and also it was original! I have to say though that I had my own ideas about the plot when I got about 6 chapters in but I was so wrong! The plot surprised me with where it went because I wasn't expecting it but I loved it! Kaleigh Matthews was the main character of Dissidence and I really liked her! She stood up for what she believed in and I envied her for that! Peter was such an amazing friend to Kaleigh the whole way through this book but that was all he was with Kaleigh in my opinion was a friend! Conner was amazing! He was hot and protective and I just loved it when he called Kaleigh "Girlie".There is a love triangle in this book but the synopsis tells you that but I was Team Conner all the way through Dissidence! The ending was massive! My heart was in my mouth the whole scene! Jamie ended it perfectly though! She has me begging for the next book after the cliffhanger! The cover really suits the book and the plot! Big thank you to Jamie for an ARC of Dissidence!

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