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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Review: Devotion [Heart and Soul 02] by Jamie Canosa!

Publication date:1st January 2013
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Mel made her decision — chose her side — but that doesn’t mean the other side has given up on choosing her. Hell is still bent on adding a pure soul to their ranks any way they can, and Jason’s failure has put bigger bads on the task. With not only her life, but her very soul on the line, Mel must fight back with the help of one good-looking guardian angel and an ally no one expected. But can his word be trusted, or does he have more sinister motives?

I couldn't wait to read this book after reading the first book in the series, Temptation! I loved the first book and I loved the Devotion even more! It was so short but it has so much action and romance in it! This book dealt with the consequences of the ending of the last book and I loved it! I wasn't expecting some of the things to happen which surprised me! The characters were amazing! Mel was the main character again and Devotion was told from her point of view just like Temptation was! I loved Mel again in this book and I could connect with her the whole way through this book! Lucas made me heartbroken with what he tried to do to Mel twice! I felt so sorry for him as he was trying to do what was right for her but he really loved her! Jason was so cocky but I adored him! He was so funny especially when he called Mel by her nickname! The love triangle between Mel, Lucas and Jason heats up big time in this book! I am really enjoying this love triangle and also its development! The ending had my heart in my mouth! I wasn't expecting it at all! I really hope that there is another book in this series as Jamie cannot leave it at that ending! Big thank you to Jamie for an ARC of Devotion and also for mentioning me in the dedication!

Devotion (Heart and Soul, #2)

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