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Monday, 18 February 2013

Cover Reveal: Unbroken [Broken Soul 02] by Jenny Phillips!

With Chase’s departure still haunting her, Morgan Cauldwell is just settling back in to life at MAC. Now a regular at Council meetings, Morgan is only getting stronger…but what good are incredible powers if you can’t even protect yourself from a broken heart?

Morgan falls into old routines as her time at MAC winds down. The closer graduation creeps the more someone doesn’t want her to make it that far. Could it be her grandfather or Raven coming to finish off the job?

Gathering strength from some unexpected sources, Morgan decides she is done hiding and braces herself for the ultimate betrayal. Can her fragile heart survive the truth and the uncertainty her future holds?

Author bio:

Born in Michigan, Jenny Phillips has never  strayed far from the beaches of Lake Michigan. Armed with a big imagination, Jenny  would sit in the woods surrounding her home for hours just day dreaming. After  losing her mother to ALS, she vowed she would make the most of her life and never  let her imagination go to waste. When not reading or obsessively buying books, she spends her time with her two beautiful daughters and husband.

Jenny  Phillips




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