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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cover Reveal: A Fire That Burns by Kirsty-Anne Still!

“Six years on and you’re still as in love with me as you were when you left. You never stopped loving me, you never could. You didn’t leave because you didn’t love me.”

After running from the truth for six years of her life, Austin Pearson decides it’s time to come home to life in Point Arena. What she finds is broken relationships and broken hearts and the same love that consumed her years ago.

When confronted with the love of her life, Austin has to decide between giving in, giving up or hiding all over again.

Will Tyler Armstrong be enough to crack the secrets that drove the woman he loved away when they were nineteen or are they destined to love other people? What happens when he finds himself living everyday with Austin and realising that feelings he thought had diminished flame up and take a hold of his life? What happens when fires burn brighter than ever and the secrets of the past come tumbling out?

Is love enough to get them through what life has in store for them?

Author bio:

I won’t lie – I’m like any other 22 year old! I go out, have fun, have a job, been to University but, I suppose what makes me different is that I’m most happiest when I’m sat writing! I went to University to do Education Studies – doesn’t sound exciting, wasn’t very exciting, but I met amazing people, lived the Uni lifestyle and really realised what I want out of life – oh, and got the degree at the end of it, LOL. I have three loves in life: art, writing and working with children. One’s a hobby, one’s a dream and the last is a reality. I just hope one day writing can be a reality as well.

I got involved in writing when I was nineteen. I never even knew I could write! I stumbled upon Fanfiction and out of needless curiosity I just posted a story. Simple as that! I gave it a shot and then I found that one story wasn’t enough and soon – I’ve made it sound like a drug addiction! I found writing to be a lifeline for me when life got tough or stressful and to top it all off, people were actually reading my stuff and loved it! Imagine my surprise?! I literally grew in my writing and pushed my boundaries and tried writing things I had never experienced and I found out that I was nailing the emotions. I knew I was doing something right even if I didn’t think I was.

Working in a shop, I sell books a lot, so when the Fifty Shades craze took over I had to see what the hype was about – I wasn’t impressed as a writer myself. I found them repetitive and simplistic. Personal choice right?! I decided on impulse to just write a Fifty Shades fanfiction, not knowing it would make the most reviewed story on its section on the site! I got a lot of readers interested in my writing from there. They then started reading my original stuff on my writing Facebook and loving it and slowly, bit by bit, I came to realise that hey, I needed to believe in myself! Which has gotten me to this spot in my life that I am at and I LOVE it!

I struggle with self-doubt like anyone else and a few times it has nearly tripped me up and stopped me writing but, I know I won’t be letting just myself down any longer. It’s weird to say but I have fans that will kill me if I ever gave up! Trust me, I’m hounded by them some times and I wouldn’t replace them for the world! They keep my spirits high, my muse alive and keep a smile on my face. They’re more than just readers. They’re my support and more importantly my friends. What more could a writer want in her fans?

I have one motto with my work – I write for myself first, others after. When I write I write something that I want to read. Something that excites me, something that makes me lose my breath and empowers me. I like getting my own heart racing and my own fears up. I just didn’t realise other people would feel the same and what to read what I wanted to write!


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