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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Breaking Alexandria by K.A. Robinson!

Publication date: 1st April 2014
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis: Alexandria’s drug-dealing boyfriend, Joel, isn’t exactly the white knight she’s always dreamed of, but she can’t deny the crazy connection they have. She would do anything for him, including helping him sell drugs in order to fit perfectly into his world.

After catching Alexandria dealing for Joel, instead of turning her into the cops, Alexandria’s mother forces Alexandria to move to her grandparents’ farm in West Virginia. Spending the summer in the country, away from Joel, is the last thing Alexandria wants to do, but the sexy farmhand, Landon, who helps out around her grandparents’ place, is a very nice distraction. She tries her best to ignore her attraction to him, especially since she still loves Joel.

When Joel does the unforgivable, Alexandria turns to her new friend, Landon, for comfort, and it ignites an undeniable spark of attraction between them. Soon, she finds herself caught between two very different men, and the struggles within her heart just might end up breaking Alexandria.

GAH! This book was absolutely amazing! I was sooo excited to read it when I first heard about it and it definitely lived up to my expectations! As soon as I read the synopsis and saw the cover, I knew I had to read it! This book also sounded like my kind of book and it definitely was! I freaking loved it! The plot of Breaking Alexandria had me hooked! It was about a girl realising what's important in life and learning from her mistakes! I just loved the plot! There was a lot in it and plenty of twist and turns to keep me desperate to read on! I didn't see a few of the twist and turns coming and they really fuelled the plot! The plot also went at the perfect pace to keep me interested and I loved the romance in it too! There was so much more than just romance in the plot though! The plot was also written brilliantly too! I just can't get over how amazing it was! I'll definitely be re-reading it! The characters were just as amazing as the plot! Alexandria 'Lexi' was the main character and while I loved her, there were a few times in this book where I sort of wanted to shake some sense into her! Lexi was at the age where she was sort of naïve to the world around her and she thought in the moment and didn't really think of her future! As this book progressed though, Lexi grew so much, but then she sort of reverted back to old ways a little and then something happened that put everything into perspective for her! I connected really well with Lexi and I think it was because she was the same age as me, but we were polar opposites! She did things that I would never do, but she learned from those things, which was really important, and by the end, she was a completely different person to the girl I met at the beginning of this book! Landon was the love interest of Lexi and he was so freaking hot! There's nothing I love more than a hot cowboy ;) Landon was the guy who was there for Lexi all the way through this book, which made me love him even more! I have to say as well that I loved how resilient Landon was when Lexi was trying to win him back! He didn't just accept her with open arms! She had to fight for him, which was amazing to see! Landon was just a complete sweetheart! I adored him, and his hotness, of course! There was a love triangle in this book between Lexi, Landon and Lexi's sort of ex-boyfriend, Joel! I did enjoy the love triangle aspect as it added a lot to the plot! Something happened with it though that changed everything! I'm actually kind of upset that this book is a standalone lol! I loved getting to read Lexi's story and I connected with her so well that I'm really sad to say good bye to her! I can understand why this book is a standalone though, even though I do see potential for a novella for Lexi and Landon! The cover for this book is stunning! The model on the front represents Lexi so well and I love how unique the cover is as well! Big thank you to K.A. Robinson for an ARC of Breaking Alexandria and for having me on her Blog Tour!

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Author bio:

K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Torn Series and The Ties Series. She lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. When she isn't writing, she is reading or listening to rock music.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/karobinson13
Twitter: @karobinsonautho
Novelisting: http://bit.ly/1fThlls
Mailing list: http://bit.ly/18Ec6X7


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