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Friday, 21 August 2015

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Breathe Me [Me 01] by Jeri Williams!

Publication date: 13th July 2015
Paperback edition: 162 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4.5 stars
Synopsis: You know how you hear those stories about once abused kids growing up and overcoming the difficult life they have been dealt and becoming majorly successful like FBI agents or lawyers or something cool like that and never having any lingering problems?

Well this isn't one of those stories.

I used to know how my life as going to be, how I was going to live out my lifeless days, unloved and fearful. Hopeless to the possibility that life, my life could be anything better than what it is now. I knew that I would either give up, or give in, either one would eventually being the end of me and I didn't think that was so bad. I would no longer be constantly reminded that I was shit, and would be shit no matter how hard I tried in life. I thought it was all easier to just slip away.

But that was before....

I was originally going to do a promo for this Blog Tour and not a review, but after thinking it over for a few hours and reading some ARC reviews on Goodreads, I decided to do a review! The synopsis intrigued me and the cover is stunning! I'm so happy I decided to review this book! I really enjoyed it and it dealt with some tough issues that at times were hard for me to read! It was very intriguing though because it made me want to find out what was going to happen next and whether the main female character was going to tell someone or leave! I also read this book in a few sittings! It would have been one, but I had to force myself to put the book down to go to sleep lol! The plot was written very well! There were some horrible scenes that made me want to hit the main character's mother, but then there were some seriously hot scenes too, so they kind of evened each other out in a weird way lol! The plot also developed at a really good pace and held my interest all the way through! The characters were also amazing! Harley was the main female character, and my heart completely went out to her in this book! She was mentally and physically abused by her mother and she was scared to tell someone or leave her mother! I kept hoping that Harley would pluck up the courage to leave her mother in this book, because I couldn't understand why she stayed, but I guess all the mental abuse had a huge impact on her and her mother kept telling her that she had nobody and that she couldn't be loved! I loved Harley though! She also had a façade on when she was with friends, which again made me feel sorry for her because she couldn't be herself, but there was one guy who saw through Harley's facades! Deklan was the main male character and love interest of Harley! I have to start by saying that Deklan thought more with his dick than what he did with his head in this book lol, but he did start to think more with his head as his relationship with Harley progressed and he found out what was going on at home with her! Deklan was also seriously hot, but he knew it lol! He had also been through a lot and he had suffered abuse at the hands of his father, but unlike Harley, he managed to escape from it, so he tried to help Harley escape too! I did love Deklan, but I wish that he hadn't thought with his dick so much because that put me off him a little lol! I wasn't sure if this book was going to be written from dual point of view, but it was! I loved the book being written from both Harley and Deklan's point of views! It made the plot even better and it helped me connect more with both characters! I can't wait to read the next book in this series! The ending of this book was left at the perfect place, so I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next! As I said, the cover for this book is stunning! It's light and dark, which definitely suits the feel of the book and I love it! Big thank you to Jeri for an ARC of Breathe Me and to Book Enthusiast Promotions for having me on the Blog Tour!

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Author bio:

Jeri Williams lives a super fabulous lifestyle (by fabulous, she mean’s kinda lame) in the hot Florida sun and loves reading of any kind (except instruction manuals and cereal boxes). She has always written stories and made her family listen to them since she was young, although this is her first book she has ever published. She is a mom of an up-and-coming Jerry Seinfeld (in girl form) and also enjoys being right and knowing everything, although she is hardly ever right and really doesn't know anything and is obsessed with inventing miniature zoo animals you can carry around in your pocket (although not really).




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