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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Blog Tour: Elusive Love by K.A. Robinson!

Publication date: 17th November 2015
Paperback edition: 178 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 3.5 stars
Synopsis: Love is often elusive, hard to find and even harder to hold on to.

Caley Rogers knew that from a young age.

When Joey Sanders walks into her life, she thinks she’s finally found the love she has so desperately been seeking.

Five years, a marriage, and a child later, Caley realizes her mistake. Trapped in a life with no love at all, she seeks out an old friend who quickly becomes her confidant.

Ethan Blake has loved Caley for years. When she reenters his life one random night, he never expects more than friendship, but after weeks of secret meetings and listening to Caley’s confessions of a loveless marriage, the unthinkable happens. Ethan and Caley finally share their true feelings for one another.

Now, they must face the consequences of their emotions—dealing with not only the uncertainty of their situation and Caley and Ethan’s guilt, but also with the end of Caley’s marriage to a man who isn’t ready to let go.

Love is more than just an emotion. It’s more than a single word. To Caley and Ethan, it’s everything.

I've read quite a few of this author's other books, but when I got an email about this book, I knew I really wanted to read it! I absolutely loved the cover and the synopsis sounded amazing, so I signed up for the Blog Tour! After reading, I have to say that I liked his book, but I didn't love it anywhere near as much as I was expecting too! I just found the plot a bit weird and unrealistic! I mean, the main character messages an old friend on Facebook and admits everything that's wrong with her life! I just found that completely unrealistic! She then starts meeting up with the guy and ends up leaving her husband and starting a relationship with the guy she spoke to online! I mean no disrespect towards the author on my thoughts, but I have to be honest with how I feel about this book! I did enjoy some bits of the plot and the hot scenes were really hot! The characters were great! Caley was the main female character, and she was someone who hadn't had any attention from boys, so when one boy did pay her a bit of attention, she ended up married him and that marriage later turned out to be the worst mistake ever! I did feel sorry for Caley because she was broken and she didn't have any confidence, but I also wished that she would have grown a backbone and did what was best for her and her daughter! I also didn't like that one minute she didn't want to leave her husband for the sake of her daughter, but then the next minute she left her husband for the sake of her daughter! It just confused me! I liked Caley though and I was happy that she started to become more confident and happier as the plot progressed! Ethan was the main love interest of Caley, and Ethan was a very honest and upfront guy! He tried to help Caley with her situation with her marriage and he gave her really good advice! Ethan was also really hot! He was also trying his hardest to support himself and have a good career! This made me have a lot of respect for him! Ethan was also seriously hot with Caley and I could see that he had genuine feelings for her! He treated her like a guy should treat a girl and he helped Caley get her confidence back and he showed her that looks and weight weren't everything! I loved that this book was written from both Caley and Ethan's point of views! I wasn't sure if was going to be, but it added a lot to the plot and helped me connect more with both characters! I can completely understand why this book is a standalone! Everything in the plot was wrapped up and the ending was left at the perfect place! Even though I didn't really enjoy this book, I am excited to see what this author releases next! I've loved all her other books that I've read, so I can't wait to read more from her! The cover for this book is stunning! I loved it as soon as I saw it and it made me want to read the book even more! I bet it looks even more stunning in paperback! Thank you to K.A. Robinson for having me on the Blog Tour for Elusive Love!

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Author bio:

K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of more than fourteen novels. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and son. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, consuming large amounts of caffeine, and rocking out to some seriously heavy rock 'n' roll.

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