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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tartan Hearts Author Signing!

Hey, guys! Yesterday, I attended the Tartan Hearts Author Signing in Glasgow, Scotland! Glasgow is the closest city to my town, so I was really excited when I found out that this event was going to be taking place there!
There were thirteen authors in total at the event and I got the chance to meet twelve of the thirteen of them lol! They were all lovely! Check out my pictures below and my signed books!
My friend, Amy, A.K. Michaels and I!
Me with Dawn A. Keane!

Me with Ela Lourenco!

Me, Emma L. Clapperton, and my friend, Amy!
Me with K.M. Lowe!

Me with Karen Frances!

Me, Lisa J. Hobman and my friend, Amy!

My friend, Amy, S.J. Molloy and I!
Me with Victoria Kinnaird!
My signed books!
I also got my Kindle case signed by all the authors I met! There's a few signatures on the back not shown!
I'd like to say a big thank you to Leabhar Promotions (Suzie and Kelly) for organising the signing! I had such a fun time!