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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Release Day Blitz & Review: Waiting to Breathe [Waiting Duet 01] by Alyson Reynolds!

Publication date: 21st March 2017
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4 stars
Synopsis: She's broken.

He's lost.

Olivia Crawford had been through the ringer. All she wants is to start over without any complications or anyone figuring out her secrets. When her twin brother Finn convinces her to move back home and finish her degree at his school, it's just the push she needs to start over.

Nathaniel Ford is the golden boy of SCU. He seems like he has it all, perfect family, awesome friends and fraternity brothers, and a few buildings on campus with his last name on them. But things aren't always what they seem.

From the first time Nate and Olivia bump into each other, literally, he wants more of her feisty attitude, but Olivia throws more walls up with each step he takes closer, and he isn't sure he can break them down fast enough.

I was one of the blogs that helped reveal the cover for this book! I then decided to review it for the Release Day Blitz because the synopsis really intrigued me and made me want to read the story! I received an ARC of this book and I started reading it very last minute because I was away on holiday! I did zoom through this book, but it was mainly because I was on a deadline to review it lol! I really enjoyed this book though! The plot developed at a really good pace and it did keep me interested! There were also plenty of seriously hot scenes that made me love the plot too! I will admit though that I took this book down a star because sometimes I couldn't feel the romantic connection between the two main characters! I sometimes lost that connection with them and this made it difficult for me to read some scenes! I loved that there was some action and a bit of suspense in the plot and the ending was left at the perfect place too! The characters were also amazing and made this book even better! Olivia was the main female character, and in this book it was easy to tell that Olivia had a secret! I had some sort of idea as to what her secret could have been, but I was wrong lol! I wasn't far off, but I didn't expect the secret to be what it was lol! I really liked Olivia in this book! There were times in this book where I really liked her and then there were times where I kinda wanted to shake some sense into her! She did overreact at a major scene, and this made me kinda mad lol, but everything worked out lol! I also felt sorry for Olivia in this book because she had been through a lot and she just wanted a fresh start! She definitely got that lol! Nate was the main male character and love interest of Olivia! Nate was a character that went through a lot in this book and didn't want to tell Olivia because she was already dealing with a lot! I respected Nate a lot for this, but Olivia was stronger than he thought lol! Nate was also very protective of Olivia and he proved this again and again in this book! He had some insane amount of love for her too and I loved the way that he supported her when she told him her secret! This told me a lot about the kind of guy that Nate was! He was also seriously hot, but I liked that he wasn't a douche and thought that he could get what he wanted just because of his looks! I loved that this book was written from both Olivia and Nate's point of views! I was kinda expecting it to be after I read the synopsis, but I'm really happy that it was! It really helped me connect more with both characters and it allowed for more things to happen in the plot too! I also can't wait to read the next book in this series! I wasn't sure what was going to happen in the next book as Olivia and Nate's story ended perfectly and very beautifully, so I didn't think that the author would give them a second book! The next book is actually going to focus on two secondary characters from this book though, which makes me really excited! I can't wait to read it once it releases! The cover for this book suits it perfectly! I wasn't really sure how it was going to fit in with the book after I read the synopsis, but then I read the book and it represents the characters story perfectly! I love it a lot! Big thank you to Alyson and Give Me Books for an ARC of Waiting to Breathe!

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Author bio:

Romance writer. Wife. Mother of two. Avid reader. Queen of multitasking.

Originally from the south, Alyson likes to incorporate what she knows into her books. She's lived not only on the east coast, but the west coast and a few places in between. Alyson loves sharing stories about her crazy family to anyone who will listen. Her guilty pleasures consist of coffee, country music, brunch, breaking the rules, and pedicures. And she will always be a daddy's girl.
When Alyson isn't chasing around her two kiddos, she's normally writing. Or reading. Her Kindle library is out of control. Alyson writes mainly contemporary novels and novellas with a bit of new adult mixed in.

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