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Friday, 27 July 2012

Are these people the most beautiful in the world?

I know this post is a little late but it had to be done!

Move over Beyonce and Ryan Gosling as Pepe Toth and Sztella Tziotziosz are in the house!!!

Pepe Toth and Sztella Tziotziosz are the cover models for The Lux Series (Obsidian, Onyx and hopefully Opal) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. They also are on the cover of other books and have a goodreads list dedicated to them. How COOL is that! They recently joined Jennifer in the US to travel around Florida to do book signings and also film book trailers for Obsidian, Onyx and Opal and let me say that the Obsidian trailer is HOT! HOT! HOT! During this tour I realised that they are actually beautiful people and they seem really down to earth and every picture that I saw of them seemed to put a big smile on my face so when I found out that they were engaged in real life I thought "Oh my god their perfect," and Jennifer posted lots of pictures of them on her twitter and also so did Vlc productions who shot the book trailers. I was seriously gutted that I stay in Scotland while this tour was going on as it looked amazing and so much fun. So to show how beautiful Pepe and Sztella are I couldn't resist making a post about them and showing some of my favourite pictures. I hope Jennifer and Vlc productions don't mind if I use some pictures off of their twitters.

                                           and the Obsidian Book Trailer


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  2. OMG! I just love these two, How good is the new Onyx trailer? smoking hot!

    1. It is even better than the Obsidian trailer! I was actually going to do a post about the Onyx trailer but I think i'm just going to put it with my review!