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Friday, 10 August 2012

Show Ember the Love Giveaway: Suspenseful Teaser!

So I am going to be posting a lot of teasers from Jessica Sorensen's new book, Ember as she currently has a giveaway going on and I am trying my best to stay at the same level as some of the other competitors!

Okay, here's a creepy/suspenseful teaser from Ember. I had to *** a name out, though, or else it'd give something important away. I'm searching for a steamy one to post too, so be back in a few.

As I sprint around a sharp corner, my feet trip over something weighty and solid. My body slams to the floor. I quickly flip...

over to my back and glance at what made me fall. A person, face down. I crawl over and turn them onto their back.
*** dead eyes stare at me. Their pale decomposing skin is ice-cold and the x on their head is an older wound. They’ve been dead for a while.
His voice drifts compellingly down the hall. “It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? What’s real and what’s not. Tell me Ember, does it ever feel like you’re losing your mind?”
I leap to my feet, hop over ***, and run. Sweat drips down my skin as I accelerate. The schools side entrance door finally comes into view and I can almost taste my freedom. I reach for the handle, but a hay bale lands on me with the weight of a bag of bricks. My head smacks the tile and the crack of my bones is stomach churning.
He squats down in front of me. “Every heard the term ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper.’ Well it’s a little misleading.” He swathes the hood of a cloak over his head. “Because everyone fears death, Ember. Even Death itself.” Then he pulls out a knife and cuts an x across my forehead.

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