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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Steamy Teaser from Ember by Jessica Sorensen (Day 2)

So I am going to be posting a lot of teasers from Jessica Sorensen's new book, Ember as she currently has a giveaway going on and I am trying my best to stay at the same level as some of the other competitors!

And here is a steamy teaser from Ember.

The seriousness in his face fades into mischievousness. “I was just wondering how hard you went looking for it—how deep your obsession is with Edgar Allan Poe.”
“Ha, ha,” I say sarcastically, giving him a playful shove.
He traps my hand against his chest and the mood takes an i...

mpulsive shift. “Am I allowed to kiss you in here?”
“No one’s home,” I say. “You can do whatever you want.”
“Can I?” He steers me to him. Our lips and bodies collide and liquefy with lust.
We fall onto my bed with our bodies entangled. My heart races with rapture and my skin flames with a burning need. He rolls us over, so he’s on top of me, and his tongue ring inspects every single inch of inside my mouth. My legs snake around his waist and he lets out a low growl as he sucks at my bottom lip. He traces kisses down my neck and my breath hitches. I slant my head back as his lips trail lower and lower. But my mind panics with self-doubting thoughts, not about Asher, but about myself, and I pull back.
He doesn’t look mad or angry. In fact, he looks grateful. “Why don’t we lie down?” He gently kisses my cheek and I shiver. “And I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”

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