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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Giveaway: From Me to You!

Hey guys! So I thought that I would do something nice for you and organise a massive giveaway for you! This giveaway is to say thank you for everything! For sticking with me and for reading my posts and everything in-between that as well! It really means the world that you have all stuck by me!

I asked on my page yesterday and loads of people offered to donate ebooks and swag! I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated something!  It means the world to me! You all rock!

First check out the prizes!
And here is the Rafflecopter to enter! There will be fifteen winners!
Good luck :)
Please go here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners of ebooks of Charmed by Lindy Zart are Joni Payne and Theresa Zimmerman!

The winners of Ebooks box sets of the Temptation Series by Kristin Michelle Adams are Amber Dawn Meek and Dawn Kephart Bush!    

The winner of an ebook of Born in Flames, 8x10 of both covers from the Born in Flames Trilogy and a handmade bookmark by Candace Knoebel is Raquel Perez!

The winner of the ebook of Uninvolved by Carey Heywood is Fiery Na and the winner of the ebook of A Bridge of Her Own is Terry Galloway Trahan!

The winners of ebooks of The White Aura by Felicia Tatum are Jessica Ryba and Kaitlyn Paulk!

The winner of the Twilight bracelet is Amanda Hervey!

The winner of ebooks of It Was You by Anna Cruise are Christy Coleman and Amy Weidman Pro!

The winner of paperback copy of The Forbidden Vault anthology donated by Serena Pettus is Ariella Holstein!    

The winner of an ebook of Flights of Delusion by Ellie Potts is Cindy J. Smith! 

The winner of the ebook of One Secret Too Many by Heather M. Borger is Mallory Thorpe!

Congrats to all the winners! I have emailed all of you! Thank you to everyone who entered! Huge thank you to all the amazing authors and donators!