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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blog Tour: Alice's Sacrifice [Alice Clark 02] by Andrea DiGiglio!

Publication date: 19th February 2013
Paperback edition: 244 pages
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4 stars
Synopsis: After the fight of a lifetime, Alice and Cole return home to live a life they were never meant to live. Fallen Angel father's choose to stay, protect and get to know their nephilim children. Now that everyone knows where to find Alice, the real question is who is that information pertinent to? One single traumatic event sets Alice's true destiny into motion. How each of those she cares for reacts to this event; has enormous consequences for her.

What will Alice have to sacrifice and for whom?

I really enjoyed this book! I did have to go back and re-read the last few chapters of the first book in the series to remember what happened as this book just got straight into it and it didn't mess around! Again it was a pretty short book like the first one but I think this book was slightly longer! The plot was fast paced and I really enjoyed it! It also continued from where the first book left off from! It was different to other books that I have read as it is pretty short and the plot is slightly weird but in a good way! I have to say though that I did find myself skipping over some pages as I could understand what was happening already and I wanted to find out what was happening in a different point of view! The characters had grown so much since the first book! Alice was the main character and I really liked her! I loved that she was determined to continue with her life even when it was under threat and she really took charge when needed! I also loved that she was willing to trade herself to save the one she loved! Cole was amazing in this book! I loved that he risked his life to save Alice and he was determined to keep her safe! Cole and Alice's relationship developed more in this book and I loved it! Even though they weren't together for some of the book it was still there and one of the main focuses of the book! The rest of the characters in this book all added so much to the story as most of them played major parts! I really enjoyed this book being told from about five different point of views! It was told from Alice, Cole, Paul, Kokabiel and one chapter was told from Michelle's point of view as well! I wasn't really expecting all of the different point of views and I normally don't like books told from more than two point of views but I enjoyed this book being told from all these different point of views as so much was going on in the story that at times it was like following two different plots so having different point of views really helped! The ending was full of action and I will definitely continue reading the rest of this series when it comes out as the books in this series are pretty short but I love them as they have such a lot in them and the characters are great! I love the cover for this book! It really represents the book and the characters! Big thank you to Andrea for a copy of Alice's Sacrifice and to Amber for having me on the Blog Tour!

Alice's Sacrifice (Alice Clark, #2)
Author bio:
Born and raised in Michigan, Andrea has always been a writer at heart. She currently resides in Michigan with her son, "her world". Over the last decade she has written, starred and directed in many screenplays. In the last few years she decided to return to writing novels and hasn't looked back since, giving her work my full attention. "I am very excited to share the worlds I create, with all of you dreamers."

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