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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Ripple Effect [Effect 01] by Kristin Mayer!

Publication date: 8th October 2014
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4.5 stars
Synopsis: Every event in our life causes a ripple effect that we never truly understand until the waters calm and everything reveals itself. It’s in that moment we truly see…

Adam Ryker, owner of Club Envy, has his rules. Relationships stay within the walls of the club. Outside of that, people are merely acquaintances. After having his heart broken, he’s not interested in the happily ever afters and white picket fences. Adam’s interests lie in his club and giving pleasure to women.

Ainsley Pearson wants to be free. She needs an escape from her life. Her best friend suggests Club Envy. From the moment Ainsley sets foot in the club, Adam decides he wants to be the exclusive one to bring her pleasure.

He wants her.

He needs her.

He has to have her.

Adam finds himself wanting more.

Will this unforeseen ripple in Adam’s and Ainsley’s lives be too much to overcome? Or will the one thing they never thought they deserved have an everlasting effect?
I was really, really excited about this book! I've read this author's Trust trilogy and I really enjoyed the trilogy, so I was really looking forward to starting this series! I also couldn't wait to read it after I read the synopsis and saw the cover! I really enjoyed this book! I read it in a few days and I was really drawn into the plot! Well, the plot was seriously hot lol! The plot also had good storylines and developed brilliantly! There were also plenty, and I mean plenty, of steamy, hot scenes! I have to be honest and say that I didn't think there was going to be quite so many lol! I really enjoyed the plot and I enjoyed that it had a lot in it! The only thing I will say about it, was that there weren't a lot of twist and turns! I mean, there were a few, but I felt like the plot stayed on the same wavelength and nothing really big happened!That's why I took my rating down half a star! I loved the overall plot though! The characters were amazing! Adam was the main male character and he was seriously hot! Adam had some family problems in his life, and as this book progressed, I was able to see how deep his family problems were! I mean, I could completely understand why Adam had such a hard time trying to sort things out with his brother! What his brother did was completely uncalled for! Adam was seriously hot with his love interest, Ainsley, though and he learned a lot in this book about what was really important in life! I loved Adam and his cocky, protective personality! Ainsley was the main female character and the love interest of Adam! Ainsley was kinda different to what I was expecting her to be! She was quite forward and she didn't really hold back! I liked those things about her! She also had a steamy side to her that came out quite a lot in this book! My heart did go out to Ainsley though when I heard the story of her childhood and the kind of family environment she grew up in! It had affected her a lot and her relationship with her mum had suffered too! Ainsley came a long way in this book though and she learned that what happened to her mum wasn't her fault and to let go of the past and focus on the now! I loved that this book was written from both Adam and Ainsley's point of views! It made it more enjoyable and I loved getting to see the amount of love Adam and Ainsley had for each other through both of their eyes! I'm really excited to read the next book in this series! I know that it's not going to be about Adam and Ainsley and that it's going to be about a secondary character in this book, Brandt, but this makes me even more excited to read it! I hope Adam and Ainsley make appearances in it too! You also get a glimpse into Brandt's story as the epilogue of this book was written from his point of view! The cover for this book suits the title perfectly! I love that it doesn't have any models on it and that it represents the book! Big thank you to Kristin for a copy of Ripple Effect and to Book Plug Promotions for having me on the Blog Tour!

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Author bio:

Kristin Mayer is a wife, a proud mother, and a full-time Analyst and Import Manager. Since an early age, she has always enjoyed reading and writing. While visiting her father one weekend, he suggested that she should take up writing again. With family and a career, she didn’t give it a lot of thought, until a story entered her mind and wouldn’t leave. It just kept forming and developing over a couple of months.

At the beginning of 2013, she decided to sit down and write it all down, but she kept it to herself. One sentence developed into two, and before she knew it, she had the makings of a novel.

Kristin tries to live life to the fullest during every moment. She loves to travel and meet new people. She holds a degree in International Business and uses it daily in her job. Kristin now adds “author” on her list of jobs, and feels very blessed and thankful.

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