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Friday, 7 August 2015

UK Blog Tour: Masquerade by Joanna Taylor‏!

Publication date: 4th August 2015 (UK paperback)
Paperback edition: -
Source: Kindle
Rating: 4.5 stars
Synopsis: 1786: Regency London.

Everyone is hiding something.
But someone is hiding everything.

Lizzy Ward never meant to end up working the streets of Piccadilly. So when a mysterious noble pursues her, it seems her luck is changing. But though Lord Hays offers to grow Lizzy's fortunes, his price is unexpected. She must masquerade in the sumptuous gowns and social mask of a true lady.

With the stakes so high, love is out of the question. But as Lizzy navigates the fashion and faux-pas of the London elite, she finds her tough facade failing her. Lord Hayes wants to show her that nobility is more than skin deep . . . and as the connection between them grows, it's no longer certain who's wearing the mask. As the street-girl and the lord collide, Regency London is poised for scandal . . .

A love story of surpassing power and imagination, this is a stunning new British voice in Historical romance for fans of Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens and Georgette Heyer.

I think that this book has to the second, or maybe even the first, historical romance book that I've been obsessed with whilst reading it! I normally have a love/hate relationship with historical books because they're not really my thing and not my normal genre of book to read, but this one intrigued me from page one and I read it in two sittings! I just loved it! The plot was also amazing and developed at the perfect pace! I was always wanting to read on and find out what was going to happen next and how it was going to develop! The plot didn't have action and suspense in it, which normally make a plot for me, but it did have romance and had a bit of rivalry in it, so it kept me interested! It was amazing to see the relationship between the main character and her love interest grow as the plot progressed too! That made the plot for me and made me love it even more! The characters were also amazing! Lizzy was the main character, and she was so normal! She had also been through horrible experiences that really were horrible and demeaning, but she still had her head on straight and she tried her best to provide for herself, and even though I didn't agree with how Lizzy made her money, I could understand why she had to do it! She didn't have any other choice! I still just loved Lizzy though! She was also easy for me to connect with, and I love how fascinated she was with the littlest of things that she didn't have and was able to experience because of her love interest! Lizzy was also laid back and she didn't take what she had for granted! This made me respect her a lot! Edward was the love interest of Lizzy, and he was a lord! I loved Edward! He never treated Lizzy like she was beneath him, even though he had money and more than one house and Lizzy had nothing and had been through horrible experiences! I would have expected him to have treated Lizzy horribly because she came from nothing, but he really surprised me! Edward had been through a lot in his childhood though, so I think this made a big difference on how he treated others, especially when those who didn't have what he had! I could also see that he had feelings for Lizzy, even though he tried to deny those feelings! I can completely understand why this book is a standalone! Everything was resolved and all the questions in the plot were answered! The ending was also left at the perfect place and was awesome! I'm also not sure whether this author has released any other books, but I'm definitely going to do some research and find out! If she hasn't, I can't wait to read more from her! I really hope she writes more historical books! The cover for this book is stunning! I'm not sure if it's just the UK cover or if it's the US cover too, but it suits the book so well! It suits the time period the book is set in too, and I love it! Big thank you to Piatkus for an e-ARC of Masquerade and for having me on the UK Blog Tour!

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Author bio:
Joanna Taylor is a best-selling cross-category author, who has sold over 200,000 books. She teams fiction writing with a successful and award-winning journalism career, working for The Times and the Mirror in London, UK. Her first adult romance, Spotlight, became an Amazon bestseller, and Joanna ranks in the top ten adult-romance writers on Amazon.

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