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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Release Day Blitz: A Paper Trail [My Paper Heart 03] by Magan Vernon!

   He moved the strap of my dress to the side and his lips lingered just above my skin before he kissed my shoulder, then moved his mouth to my neck, causing goose bumps to form everywhere his lips grazed. "One of the many reasons why you're the best," he whispered.
   An involuntary moan escaped my lips as his finger tip-toed down to my thighs. His hands splayed against my warm flesh while his thumbs inched up the hemline of my dress. Delicately slow, his thumbs slid under my dress and ran along the silk of my underwear.
   "Do you think this is the place to be doing that, especially when you have a new tattoo?" I asked, but knew the moment his fingers slipped beneath my panties that I didn't exactly care where we were.
   "Doing what exactly?" he whispered before nipping at my ear.
   I opened my mouth to speak but instead only a whimper came out when he ran his thumb along my center.
   "Hmmm..." He raised an eyebrow, his eyes locked on mine in the mirror. Blaine slid one finger inside of me while his thumb circled my sensitive flesh.
   I had to bite down hard on my bottom lip to keep from moaning as I pushed myself against his hand, burying his fingers deeper. My whole body perked up from his touch and I felt more alive than I had all day. All it took was one hook of his finger and I was coming hard on him and couldn't hold in the little gasp that escaped my lips.
   "Damn, baby, you're so wet," Blaine whispered into my shoulder.
   I arched my back and moaned again as he twirled his fingers inside of me. He put one hand on my waist and then slowly pulled his hand back. I whimpered, already missing the feel of him. But he quickly spun me around so that I was facing him.
   With his free hand, he pulled me toward him and I melted into him as his mouth met mine, his tongue dancing behind my lips as if he were savoring all of me.
   I groaned, sliding my panties off, wanting to be closer. Wanting him to take me. Yes we were in the bathroom of a tattoo parlor, but there was something about his bare chest, the way his hands roamed, and I found myself panting with need.
   "Think anyone is going to notice you're gone?" I asked, undoing his belt.
   He grinned and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. "N—"
   Before he could finish his word, a knock came at the door. "Hey, you two aren't knocking boots in there, are you?"
   "Shit," Blaine muttered.
   I picked my underwear off the ground and shoved them in my purse. "Guess we'll have to continue this later," I whispered.
   Blaine cocked an eyebrow and looked at my purse, then to me. "If you're not going to wear those, then that's all I'm going to be thinking about."
   I shot him a wink before opening the door to a wide-eyed Don. Then I looked back at Blaine. "Think all you want."

Passing her first semester of community college? Done.

Getting her boyfriend an amazing birthday gift? Done.

Throwing up in New Orleans on said boyfriend's birthday? Yeah...about that...
Everything in Libby's life was falling into place...or she thought it was.

After a night of sin in New Orleans, she thought she might just be sick from exhaustion but a trip to the doctor proved otherwise.

Now instead of moving forward, her and commit-a-phobic boyfriend Blaine Crabtree have to go in a completely new direction.

Every road block has gotten in their way. Everything to tear them apart. Now they have to figure out if they are strong enough to move forward or if this is the end of their paper trail.

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Author bio:
Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amuck around her Texas ranch.

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