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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Stockholm Syndromance [Still a Bad Boy 04] by Ada Scott!


   If there was a doctor in these parts, they wouldn’t have seen many patients. The road we’d pulled off, which I couldn’t spot from here, had felt a bit bumpy and it was trees in all directions as far as I could see.
   “No, not around here. There’s a little place called Cranstonville not too far away, it’s got a small medical center. We’ll wait here until the town goes to sleep and then it’ll be easy enough to break in and get what I need to stitch myself up until one of Jace’s doctors can look at it.”
   “You’re gonna do it yourself?” I asked.
   “I’ll have to.”
   “Well... um… I’m no doctor yet, but maybe I could do it right here.”
   “With what?”
   I gestured at the car with as much hot-rod-pin-up-girl flair as the handcuffs would let me muster. “This, good sir, is a vehicle of fine German craftsmanship. As such, it was subject to the laws of the country when it was being manufactured, and a first aid kit is required.”
   Eric looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “You’re an expert in German law now?”
   “No. I’m an expert in trunks.”
   Eric laughed and then said “Ow” and held his hand tighter against his side.
   “And I’ve taken online courses, stupidly hoping I could study medicine properly one day. I saw it in there. It’s a pretty big kit, it might have everything we need. There’s a picnic blanket we can use for an operating table. I can help.”
   Eric mulled it over for a second. “You’re full of hidden talents, Eliana. Let’s do it! It’ll save us one more instance where we could get caught.”
   I was taken aback by his enthusiasm. Over the years I’d become used to reactions somewhere between disinterest and disdain. Eric popped the trunk open again.
   “I thought it might be useful, the family business being what it was,” I said, “but everybody always thought it was stupid. Like I was stupid.”
   He found the first aid kit and the picnic blanket and stood up straight again. “Well, maybe I’m biased because I’ve been stabbed, but I think they were a bunch of dumb fucks that should have loved you more.”

He doesn’t have to keep me tied up, but I hope he does…

My father kept me locked away from the world, my only purpose in life was to stand in the background while he campaigned for President, or to be sold like a slave to cement his old alliances as a Mafia hitman. All I’ve ever known was his contempt and my loneliness.

Then my deepest darkest fantasy kicked my door down and dragged me off into the night.

He’s the first person I ever met who wasn’t afraid of my father. He’s a machine of war, and he’s making me so… damn… hot.

The contract is simple: abduct the daughter of Jace Barlow’s nemesis and deliver her safely.

I’m a professional. She’s off limits… but this chick is the hottest kind of crazy. I never met a woman who could take everything I had to give and beg for more, and now I’m dangerously close to addicted.

I need to concentrate on keeping us alive before her father’s goons, the Feds, the cops or the biker gang catch up with us, but the way she licks my gun has me thinking maybe nothing else matters if I can’t have her wrapped around me forever.
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